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Kwa nini SphereCard?

Hand holding a wooden puzzle with the word solution. There is a matching puzzle next to it

SphereCard ndilo suluhu la mwisho kwa wataalamu, wafanyakazi, wafanyabiashara, wafanyabiashara, wamiliki wa biashara, wafanyakazi huru, wanaoanzisha biashara, na makampuni makubwa yanayotaka kuboresha mikakati yao ya uuzaji na huduma kwa wateja. Inajivunia vipengele vingi vinavyosaidia katika kuanzisha utambuzi wa chapa, kutoa usaidizi wa kipekee kwa wateja, na kukuza uuzaji wa kati-kwa-rika.

  • Effortless Networking: Instantly share your business information with just a tap.

  • Trusted Recommendations: Enable your satisfied customers to recommend you effortlessly.

  • Expand Your Reach: Watch your network grow exponentially through genuine, personal referrals.

SphereCard is the ultimate app for freelancers, start-ups, and large corporations to boost branding, foster peer-to-peer marketing, and build a powerful loyalty network. Achieve your marketing goals effortlessly with SphereCard. Try it today and experience the difference!

Find My SphereCard Marketplace

Looking for new opportunities? The SphereCard online marketplace is your gateway to hire, getting hired or selling your products. Expand your reach and grow your business with ease.

Why Choose SphereCard Over a vCard?

SphereCard offers a safer and more comprehensive way to share your business information. Unlike a traditional vCard, SphereCard provides enhanced security for recipients and allows you to share detailed information seamlessly. SphereCard provides many options to share your business information to anyone with ease.

Attract More Business with SphereCard

Create flyers with QR codes that link directly to your SphereCard. Potential clients can easily make appointments, initiate voice/video chats, or send messages. Print your flyer directly from the SphereCard app or any search engine for maximum convenience.

Enhanced Communication for Increased Sales

SphereCard's advanced messenger technology not only boosts customer loyalty but also drives sales. Stay connected and engaged with your clients like never before.

Multi-Platform Presence

Showcase your products or services on Android, iOS (Apple), and web platforms. SphereCard ensures your business is accessible to a wider audience, anytime, anywhere.

Secure and Versatile Communication

Send and receive secure messages, get notifications, and make voice/video calls globally—all for free with Wi-Fi or unlimited data. SphereCard lets you work remotely from any device without compromising security, even on a borrowed one.

Effortless Appointment Management

SphereCard makes scheduling a breeze. Its built-in calendar notifies you of new appointments and sends reminders to your clients, ensuring smooth and orderly bookings.

Reputation Protection

Maintain your business's reputation with SphereCard’s feedback resolution system. Address customer concerns promptly and professionally.

Global Time Zone Display

Never miss a beat with SphereCard’s time zone display. Ensure seamless communication with clients worldwide during their local business hours.

Secure Payments and E-Commerce

SphereCard offers secure payment options through its e-commerce system, enabling customized public and private offers. Simplify transactions and enhance customer satisfaction.

Boost Your SEO

Improve your website's SEO ranking with SphereCard. Create valuable backlinks to drive traffic and enhance your online presence.

High ROI

With its comprehensive features, SphereCard delivers a highly profitable return on investment. Enhance your business operations and see the results for yourself.

Get Started with SphereCard Today

Don't miss out on the most effective marketing strategy. Download SphereCard today and harness the power of word of mouth to elevate your business to new heights!



Wateja wako wanaweza kujiingiza katika matumizi ya hali ya juu kwa urahisi wa mipangilio waliyochagua.

Marketing Advantage

Faida ya Masoko

Kuanzisha muunganisho unaotegemewa kupitia gumzo la video kunaweza kuongeza mauzo yako na kuongeza faida. 


Mwenye utu

Kuingiliana na biashara yako kutawaacha wateja wako na hisia nzuri.

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